Monique Angele is a unique emerging Canadian singer-songwriter currently based in Australia. Her music blends both classical and pop elements in a style that exhibits both pianistic finesse and soaring vocals.

Monique's performance history makes her no stranger to the stage, possessing a background in solo piano and voice repertoire, opera and musical theatre. Originally honing her vocal skills in classical opera, she decided that performing her own music was her calling. Her live performances of her original music always convey a charismatic and elegant response from audiences and have won rave reviews wherever she performs. She has performed extensively throughout Canada, Australia and the UK.

Her songs range from instrumental complexity and virtuosic vocals to simple and refined moments of bliss. Whether it be about heartbreak, seduction, anger, or lighthearted themes, she delivers honest emotions to the listener.

Her current internationally critically acclaimed album ‘Alive’ features a mix of modern pop, classical and soul elements with a wide range of lyrical content - love, hope depression, human rights and political change.

“I was inspired to release this album because I wanted to create something that pushed the boundaries in regards to songwriting, production and subject matter. I believe each song dives into the raw emotions and passions of what it feels like to be “alive” and to be fearless in expressing oneself. All the songs come from personal experiences, passions and beliefs.” - Monique Angele

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'Alive' Album Reviews

Life Beyond The Music

“Monique Angele emits a gracefulness throughout her artistry that mimics prestigious divas of the past.”

NOHO Arts District

“Simply produced, the songs range from full-on orchestration to an almost live, stripped back feel, which works perfectly with her crystal-like voice. These are powerful songs filled with a longing to connect.”

Alphabet Pony

“Rare Girl,” my favorite track, continues to show off what a talented pianist and  vocalist Angele is. Each song is, in fact, started then held together by the rhythm and value of her piano playing. She sings here about the universal need to be that rare girl, the one who always has it all together.”

Lifestyle Republic

“Monique’s music has been compared to the likes of Tori Amos, Muse, Queen and Evanescence. That is some lineup to be seated close to for this young artist. Monique has as powerful soaring voice that only empowers her meaningful lyrics. You can get that from tracks like “Our Paradise” and “I Want a World”

East Coast Rocker

“Angele has released a new EP called Alive that brings out the best in a voice that is straight from the heavens. The commanding and beautiful music forces the listener to take the opportunity to consider some of the topics at hand.”

With Guitars

“Monique Angele, a unique Canadian singer-songwriter currently based in Australia, is set to release her latest EP Alive…”

Indie - Music

..”if you love music with deep meaning and/or artists like Kate Bush and Evanescence, you should definitely check out this album!”

Middle Tennessee

“Another way of making my point is to simply say Monique’s voice is magnificent. It’s powerful. It moves you.”

Vinyl Chapters

“Alive is an impressive album, able to bring both classical and pop elements together is a seamless fashion where others have failed.”

“The angelic-voiced chanteuse has released six songs which range from late-night chamber contemplations to full-scale gospels all anchored by her moving piano and the golden yarns spun by her gifted vocal chords.” 

Now Hear This

“Rare Girl” has my favorite piano riff of the entire album. Almost a Tori Amos feel to it. I really like this one.”


“Your sound merges elements of classical, soul, and pop. What is your song-writing process?

I try to write organically so whatever comes to me I write it down. Sometimes it's a piano riff or chords, sometimes it's a melody and sometimes it's an emotion or subject matter that comes first and inspires my writing process.”


“Monique’s angelic voice, songwriting skills, and piano talent make the album aesthetically gratifying.”


“Verdict: expertly played and arranged, and the melodies are solid if unspectacular. But they needn’t be, because Monique Angele’s voice is the star here.”

Audible Addixion

“Monique Angele debuts her new album, Alive, that oozes emotional depth. Through this new album Monique showcases her piano skills in addition to her brilliant and beautiful vocals.”

Movie Boozer

“The best way to describe Angele’s six track EP Alive is top 40 mixed with classical music. It’s got that pop vibe you can tap your feet to but will also leave you feeling like you just heard a piano prodigy. And Angele does indeed has the voice of an angel. The EP touches on subjects such as love and broken romances brought to you with Angele’s excellent vocals and her talented skills as a songwriter.”

“Alive is alive with scrumptious melodies, glistening textures of color, and Monique Angele’s superb voice.”

'“Monique Angele is an emerging Canadian singer/songwriter based in Australia. Alive certainly presents some very lively compositions showing off her talents.”

Art and Culture Maven

“The focus is on her clear and fluid soprano, and rightly so. Lush production and fat orchestral arrangements provide just the right backdrop to Monique's compelling vocals. You can hear years of training in her flawless vocal technique. Her background in opera training along with musical theatre gives her the chops to both impress and emote.”

The Indie Source & Jimmy Stars World

“If you could say anything to your fans and followers what would that be? What would you want them to know about you?

I think that I just try to be real and not to sound like anyone else. I want to express what I want to express organically. I think it is important to just be yourself and not worry about what other people think of your music, and think of you. I used to be more self-conscious about that but now I just don't really care about that. I think that people kind of know the songs and I think they appreciate it.”

nashville Music Guide

“Her starling soprano voice is exquisite and the high notes are mind blowing. “Alive” is a collection of six beautifully written and performed songs that definitely showcase her angelic voice and her talent with the piano.”


“Monique Angele gifts us with some surreal soulfulness on this new song titled " Pink Coloured Sky". The dreamy piano-driven backdrop makes for an engulfing piece of art. Her style is a mix of pop and classical elements and her vocal repertoire is undeniably astonishing.”

“Melbourne Songstress, Monique Angele, has a peculiar way of conveying her inner world in an elegant and charismatic way throughout her upcoming album release, Alive”

Obscure Sound

“A new track from Monique Angele – an emerging Canadian singer-songwriter currently based in Australia – “Pink Coloured Sky” is a dramatic and successful effort that alternates swiftly between ballad-like elegance and Evanescence-like key-led rock power.”

New Sick Music

“Always dynamic and always glimmering, Monique Angele’s Alive is a collection of tracks that find beauty in both the big and the small. Using classical musical elements and complicating them with contemporary songwriting ideas makes the most of Angele’s talents and knits a unique sound together.”

The Big Takeover

“Although the entire package is united by a singular theatrical tendency, each song is radically different and builds upon the song immediately preceding it.”


“Multi-talented singer, songwriter and musician Monique Angele seems to do it all. With her album ‘Alive’, she is able to paint a picture of her dreamed ‘Pink Coloured Sky; paradise.”

The Celebrity Cafe

“Monique Angele’s newest album, Alive, really vies for your attention.  Its pop and soul compositions blended with modern touches and a classical element will strike a chord with audiences.  These riveting piano-laden tracks with Angele’s soaring vocal abilities bears a light – a spark that differentiates herself from other artists.”

From Girl to Girl 

“What Fromgirltogirl likes about Monique Angele is her delivery of her unparalleled passion for music that makes the album truly stand out, covering a wide array of different messages.”


Real Songwriters of Melbourne

Sean A'Hearn Blog

"Now, the immensely talented Monique Angele is combining both piano and opera singing to scintillating effect for her solo career."

"Why should people come and see your band? People should come see me because my music is different and it leaves a big impression on people."

"Answers" EP Reviews

Indie Music Review

"My first impressions of this album mainly include words such as “epic”, “moving”, and “intense”. Angele is an incredibly gifted songwriter and musician, and her potential is definitely displayed in full in this amazing, yet short collection of carefully composed pieces of art."


"Instead of purely being one expectation, Monique has by far entrusted the spotlight towards her voice and unique pianist ability to build a foundation that will not disappoint."

Band Blurb

"...I definitely believe that there is enough potential and creativity there to continue her evolution as an artist and I look forward to her next project."

Indie Music Reviews

"Anyone can sing words. It takes a true artist to convey those words and present them with emotion. “Monique” does so brilliantly."

Music Existence

"I’d like to tell you which song is the highlight of the album, but they’re all so rich and different, that all of them are highlights."

Skope Magazine

"Complex, virtuosic, elegant and sharp tunes of Monique Angele deserve to be heard by the most sophisticated judges of music, as well as by the wide audience."

Vents Magazine

"... offers a range of tones and stylistic manipulations, fusing together classical, pop, gothic and gospel styles to create a unique musical experience that can be listened to repeatedly."

The Iscream

"Keep taking chances Monique! We are rooting for you in Canada."

Skope Magazine

"Monique Angele has an incredible voice and has written an excellent single."

vents magazine

"How would you classify your music? .... My music is vocal/piano pop with elements of classical."

Listen With Monger

"On a more base level, however, this is simple, pure and beautiful music that, even when the drums kick in towards the end, would soothe the fiercest of beasts at the end of the hardest of days. Stunning."

The Harlton Empire

What Sound Melbourne

"Originally hailing from Canada, now Australian based pop soulstress Monique Angele has just dropped her newest single ‘Answers’, the first taste from her second EP of the same name."

Debut EP Reviews

Indie Music Digest

“Dominated by Canadian songstress Monique Angele’s extraordinary voice, this ranges from borderline opera to more parlour-orientated piano pieces.”

Indie Music reviews

“The “Monique Angele” EP is one of the boldest pop-rock releases I’ve heard this year."

Indie artists alliance

“…Monique Angele not only has X-Factor, she has a voice that will blow you away…let’s hear a full-length CD ASAP!"

Band blurb

“Many of these pieces are stellar vocal performances yet are wonderfully organic in nature…if this release slipped past you then you may want to take notice ASAP!”

Skope Magazine

“This is such a complex, amazing and dramatic album what else can I say?”

Music emissions

“…it’s nice to know there are a few artists out there that can still deliver music that will make your jaw hit the floor while plucking your heart strings at the same time.”


“[Monique Angele’s] powerful operatic voice and classically infused pop instrumentals are the brushstrokes to her emotionally driven lyrics."

SNob's Music 

“…Monique Angele has a sound that should have broad appeal."

Music street journal

“The vocals impress throughout…”

“Haar theatrale opera-achtige stem past wel goed bij de liedjes… [translation: Her theatrical operatic voice fits well with the songs…]"

listen with monger

“…the lady has a serious pair of lungs on her.”