What motivates you to keep pursuing your passion? by Monique Nadeau

What motivates you to keep pursuing your passion?

This is a question I almost face everyday but it’s an easy answer, “because I love it.”

If you love to do something why stop? It seems pretty simple but I can understand why some of us want to stop or we actually do stop pursuing our passion and dreams.

You will have obstacles that will interfere and disrupt your journey but that’s life. If you love to do something you will fight for it. Just go for it, you have nothing to loose.

Here are some points from my experience I have faced in my musical career so far.


As an artist you are judged by others. Whether it be from professionals in the industry, peers, family, etc. there is always going to be a subjective opinion about your art. This isn’t a bad thing it just means that some people will like what you produce and some people won’t.

As artists we also get questioned “what do you really do?” and if we make any money from our music. Success is different for every person. Just because you don’t sell thousands of albums or don’t have a ton of Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube plays doesn’t mean your music sucks. There is a whole business around the industry and it can be extremely difficult to be successful at it. The internet is saturated with millions of artist’s music. It makes it so exciting and accessible for any artist to put there music out worldwide but you can get lost in the ocean of songs on the web. Don’t get discouraged we are all trying our best to get our music out there for the world to listen!

The performing arts has a lot of rejection but that doesn’t mean you are a failure. You keep going because you love what you do. Ya it’s a tough gig but will you kick yourself if you didn’t try hard enough? I know I would. It’s the easy way out to stop when things get difficult. I am definitely one of those types of people that if you tell me “no” I’ll do it even more.


How did I discover my passion?

For me I was pretty serious to continue pursing classical piano and voice and musical theatre ongoing but then realized that I loved creating my own music much more. I sometimes look back and say “I could have kept going with the classical music or kept auditioning for roles,” but I knew deep down that my passion laid in creating my own songs and performing them to the public.


Do I ever get discouraged? Yes of course I do! It’s inevitable in the arts but I can’t quit. Music is my life.

There is a constant voice inside my head that says “just keep going!” It doesn’t matter whether or not people or situations put you down. Use that negative energy and turn it into positive motivation to get better and pursue your dreams. No one is stopping you but yourself! If you want to pursue your passion that is all that matters at the end of the day.

Wishing everyone all the best and take care XOX